Spring Migration for our Seasonal Ranger Jake

Hello all! My name is Jake; I have been the Ranger for Bird Wise over the winter.

During my time as the Bird Wise Ranger I undertook many visits across a number of sites between Gravesend and Whitstable, covering three Special Protection Areas. My role as the Ranger required me to regularly visit these sites to record any major disturbance events that were occurring and to speak to members of the public about the project, why the sites they were using are so important and how they can help to protect them.

I attended several meetings to learn about other projects going on in the area, to promote Bird Wise to local groups and even a visit to Langstone Harbour in Hampshire to visit the Bird Aware Solent team to see how their project has been progressing over the last few years.

The North Kent coastline is a charismatic place, much of which can be very bleak at times with strong winds, heavy rain, thick fog and even snow, which can be a struggle for the birds (and the Ranger!). However, on days when it’s clear and sunny the marshes transform into a fantastic place for the wintering birds to feed and rest, ready for the spring. It’s an area which is well worth protecting and the efforts of the Bird wise project.

Unfortunately, my time as the Ranger is coming to an end. I will be moving on to a new position as a Graduate Ecologist which will develop my career and skills further. I enjoyed my time as the Bird Wise Ranger and gained a lot of experience, both professionally and personally. It has been a great to work on a new project and to see it develop massively, even during the relatively short time I was part of it. I’m sure the project will continue to grow and wish the project and all the people involved success for the future.

Remember when you’re visiting the North Kent coast, be Bird Wise!!